Our Company's Background

EMERALD CAPITAL GROUP is a trusted and distinguished boutique developer specialising in the development of innovative and high-end projects of monumental proportion. With its forte in design and build, project management, real estate investment, real estate development and other property related services, this established group of companies boasts an enviable reputation, strong market presence and high stature. It is certainly in the ideal position to deal with the demands and expectations of an ever-growing and ever-changing property sector.

Besides its one of a kind development, the company is also well-defined by its board of directors who bring with them a diverse wealth of experience that is crucial to the growth and performance of Emerald Capital. This dynamic team of young entrepreneurs has and will further propel the company to greater heights.

With numerous projects in the works, Emerald Capital will have its hands full over the next few years. The company however will not be resting on its laurel but continue to make waves with its unique developments that everyone can be proud of.



Emerald Capital is ever prepared to take up the challenges of globalisation and further stamp its mark as a key industry player in the world market. The company will continue its expansion and growth on all fronts until it is at the top of its game. With such an impressive track record under its belt, this goal will surely become a reality.


Headquartered in Penang since 2005, Emerald Capital is staffed with dedicated professionals who are continuously striving to make an impact in the property sector in line with its vision of being 'a developer of distinction'. This fast growing company aspires to be a world-class developer by carving its niche not only in Malaysia but also on the global front. And it has positioned itself well towards achieving just that with its unique business model and architectural masterpieces.


Emerald Capital is highly committed to its mission of delivering quality property and excellent services through continuous research and development and innovative improvements whilst enhancing the interest of its shareholders.


Our Philosophy


Our developments not only boasts aesthetic designs complemented with beautifully landscaped gardens but imbued with all the high tech features technology can offer. Our 'intelligent' buildings are created to enhance and improve the lifestyle of their inhabitants as well as the community on the whole.


The company's strength is deeply rooted in its remarkable team of highly experienced directors and skilled employees. The company has all the ready expertise and resources at the tip of its fingers with its own in-house teams of planner, architect, interior designer, graphic and multimedia specialist, sales and marketing, construction and legislation. Thus quality control and precision are guaranteed with everything done internally right from the very start with customers enjoying on time delivery and impeccable products.


Our expertise in the real estate sector is vast and diverse. Our directors come from extensive corporate and financial backgrounds with each being a renowned name in their respective field of specialisation. We are well versed on current property issues and regulations as well as very up-to-date on market trends and demands. All these factors have given us the platform to rise above all occasions and enhanced our status as a trusted and outstanding developer.


We are dedicated to deliver quality properties of superb architectural distinction in superior locations within the promised timeframe. Here at Emerald Capital, the learning process never ends with constant innovative improvements in order to create value-added significance to our customers and business partners.